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As Eren leaves in the present day, Keith realizes he could not change anything. She saw her father, Rod Reiss, for the first time when he came to see her after Wall Maria fell, but men in black coats intervened before he could take her away. When Hange arrives, they inform Erwin about Historia’s royal lineage, and he tells Pyxis his plan to expose the puppet government and install Historia as the new queen.

The protagonist is drawn to Mei, and through his bond with her, he tries to solve the mystery of why class 3-3 is undergoing such horrible incidents, which leads to the random deaths of the classmates. Much like the Final Destination movies, students are fated to die, especially by freak accidents and random occurrences. In many ways, Shinichi is on his own, and must fight in order to save lives. It’s up for the watcher to piece together the various incidences and arcs that often end in death. At first, Higurashi is confusing, but it’s beyond worth it to continue watching and unravel the mysteries of the rural village and uncover the conspiracies of the incidents. Imagine a peaceful summer day shared with friends, the cicadas buzzing, the fun activities after school, and the sun beating down as everyone laughs together.

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Elfen Lied, both heartbreaking and terrifying, explores a series of events that occur after experiments are performed on the Diclonius, a mutated human born with telekinetic powers and horns. The star of the show, Lucy, has a dual personality that means she can either use phantom hands to murder everyone in her immediate surroundings or win hearts over as the adorable, unassuming Nyu, her alter ego. This bloody odyssey is certainly not for the faint of heart, but its heartrending tale will leave you gasping for breath by the time it finally lets up. A young man named Ganta Igarashi is attending middle school when a strange figure covered in blood floats through his classroom window. In seconds, this so-called “Red Man” destroys Ganta’s entire class. is a website which will help you to setup Norton antivirus product, Norton security download for windows 10. Courtney Williams said…Norton 360 Setup provides comprehensive protection for your devices and online privacy. Courtney Williams said…For installing Norton in your PC, Go to the Norton Web link that is /setup and then click install button.

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  • Tsukasa is as generic as a protagonist can get, ripped right out of the pages of clichГ©-land.
  • Furthermore, she isn’t accustomed to her new surroundings, meaning she constantly does things incorrectly — a gag rather than a meaningful characterization.
  • Human/technology integration has always been a fascinating topic to me.

Watching on with glee, Moria somehow manages to bring previously unseen zombies out from the earth to battle Luffy. Jinbe declares to Sengoku that he has resigned his position of Warlord of the Sea. As Ivankov looks around, he notices that Crocodile has vanished; having made the first move, Crocodile appears behind Whitebeard, ready to impale him with his golden hook. Before he can, though, Luffy activates Gear Second and intercepts the blow. Crocodile reminds Luffy that they had a deal, to which Luffy responds that because Whitebeard is important to Ace, he would not let Crocodile touch him.


In reality, 100 years had passed since Earth was destroyed, making the true year 2163. The students decide to tell all of Astra the truth. However, their originals and the government remain obstacles to their return.

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